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Welcome to the home of the Falcon Soccer Club

Our curriculum based program and philosophy drives each individual to become a complete soccer player.  As with any team sport, our objective is to transform a collection of talented individuals into a highly cohesive unit so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our coaches understand that children are imitators and that our actions and behavior set the example our children will follow.  By focusing on more than just the success of the team on the field, we are preparing children with lessons that will help them be excellent servants, spouses, parents, and employees in addition to excelling on the soccer field. 

The Falcon Soccer Club offers opportunities for all players who wish to participate in both a positive and challenging athletic environment.  Realizing that most student athletes do not carry their game forward to the college level, we create an environment that fosters growth and opportunities for all while building a unified soccer community.        

10 Principles to play like a Falcon:                                            

CONTROL the ball
Everyone must COMMUNICATE
Play the WEAK Side
Shoot on FRAME
AVOID the 1v1
SUPPORT your teammates
Practice and Play HARD

High School students - if you are interested in playing soccer for the high school, please contact Head Coach Morgan Sanders.

BOYS - If you are interested in playing fall and/or indoor soccer, please contact Coach JD Hall.
GIRLS - If you are interested in playing indoor and/or spring soccer, please contact Coach Martin McGovern

Falcons - Be sure to click the image below and visit Paul Henry Sports!

Please feel free to make comments, suggestions or share concerns with our Webmaster.