Juggle Club

What is Juggling?
Juggling is the act of keeping the ball off the ground.  For soccer players, this means using any part of your body (feet, thigh, chest and head) to maintain control of the ball in the air without using your HANDS!!  If you haven't juggled before, try the following: Hold the ball out in front of yourself, drop the ball to either your foot or thigh, and knock it back into your hands. Once you get a feel for this, try to do it as many times as you can without using your hands! 

Why Juggle?

Because juggling can significantly improve your game in many different ways! Your touch on the ball is vital to your success.  Players who can juggle the ball consistently are more likely to be consistent when receiving and distributing the ball in games. The more comfort players have with their touch on the ball the more confidence they will have playing with the ball.  Juggling is a great way for you to learn how the ball reacts to different touches and surfaces and prepares you to receive the ball with any part of your body during a game.  And ... it's fun!!!

When to Juggle?
The best part about juggling is that you can do it almost anywhere and all it takes is YOU and YOUR BALL!!  The most effective way to achieving your juggling goals is to PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN!  Beating your score and challenging yourself are important keys to improving your game.  Juggling a soccer ball with feet, thighs or head is an excellent activity for both beginners and advanced players alike.   It's a great warm-up activity and you will notice that after only a few minutes, your heart rate rises and muscles become warm and loose.

Most importantly, NO BOUNCES AND NO HANDS!  All juggle scores require a coach or parent to vouch for your achievement.  When reporting your juggles, include: your first and last name,  year born, present team and coach, location of the juggles and exact number of juggles.  Coaches or parents can email juggle scores to juggle@falconsoccerclub.org.  After the score is reported, the player may be listed in our Juggle Club and we will make arrangements to order the player reward with our next club order.

Jugglers can use any part of their body (head, thighs, chest, feet) to keep the ball off the ground.  All touches will count towards their juggle score.  If the ball hits the ground, the player must restart at zero.


Listed on FSC Juggle Club
WhiteFSC Juggle Club Certificate
BronzeGrey FSC Juggle Club t-shirt
SilverBlack FSC Juggle Club t-shirt 
GoldGold FSC Juggle Club t-shirt 
World Cup
FSC Juggle Club plaque

Rewards will be distributed a couple of times throughout the year, contact your coach for more information.

Here are a couple of videos that are fun to watch and show you what you are capable of, with just a little practice every day!  

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